'Blade Runner 2049' gets VR tie-in

The first of three "Blade Runner" VR titles has its players join the hunt for rogue cyborgs in a new game from the studio behind "Left 4 Dead" and "Evolve."

Atari officially unveils new console

Atari has officially unveiled its upcoming console, the Ataribox, giving eager fans a full look at the retro-inspired device.

'Pokémon Go' celebrates with rare Pikachu

The first anniversary of real-world exploration game "Pokémon Go" brings with it the opportunity to catch a rare incarnation of de facto franchise mascot Pikachu.

Op-Ed: Why eSports isn't taking off in SA

Despite its meteoric rise in popularity across the world, eSports and its following in South Africa remains very niche. Gareth Woods explains why.